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Our Portfolio of Services
Working from Home

Simply the fastest and easiest way to plan an off-site meeting for small to medium sized groups.

Answer some basic questions about your event and within 48 hours, you'll receive a comprehensive report with multiple venue choices, a preliminary budget, and all the information you need to make an informed, intelligent choice  for your group.

Once you've found the perfect venue, we'll submit your menus and meeting specifications along with a reservations link. All you have to do is show up!

Online Meeting Planning

Female Lecturer

Our 2-Day Meeting Planner "Boot Camps" are intense, focused workshops that cover the key topics you need to know about  venue selection, contract negotiations, and basic meeting planning to avoid costly errors and deliver stellar meetings.


In addition to experiential learning, you'll receive a full-suite of useful tools to help you at every stage of your event planning, like planning calendars, budget management tools, contract addendum and more.

Meeting Planner Boot Camps

Working from Home

According to research by Meeting Professionals International, up to 40% of the total time spent on planning a meeting takes place before the contract is even signed. And for larger, "space hog" events, searching for available venues can take weeks! 


We can quickly execute a thorough search to find the perfect venue your event and send you a comprehensive availability report within 48 hours.

Under your direction, we handle the time-consuming contract negotiations to make sure your getting the best pricing, concessions and terms possible.

Venue Searches

IT Consulting

Off-site meetings and events can be expensive ... and have a high potential for both financial and public relations damages when things don't go as planned. 

When the stakes are this high, you need expert advice. We provide an array of consulting services to improve your meetings and events programs ... whether you already have established processes and  you're looking to grow or you're looking to avoid potential disasters down the road.

Your first hour of consultation is free.

Consulting Services

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