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Consulting & Program Development

The average cost of an off-site meeting is between $320-$629 per person
(not including airfare)
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Internal Systems Audit

An experienced consultant will provide a thorough evaluation of your current meetings and event program, including interviews with all key stakeholders and interested parties. We provide a complete written evaluation with suggestions for program innovations and improvements on topics such as budgets and financial management, risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, and various aspects of operations. 

Business Research

Strategic Meetings Management

Large organizations with multiple meetings and events merit special consideration from  hotels and event venues, including volume discounts and value-added concessions. But, unfortunately, too often these benefits go unclaimed due to decentralized event management.  Additionally, poorly written contracts or untrained planners can expose your organization to an unacceptable level of financial or compliance risk. Learn how implementing Strategic Meeting Management principles can minimize risk and reduce costs while delivering powerful meeting experiences.

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Staff Training & Best Practices

Our regional 2-Day Meeting Planning Boot Camps provide practical, condensed and affordable training for meeting planners. We focus on key topics that help improve planning efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk; like cost containment,  venue negotiations, risk mitigation, contracting, compliance, and event execution. Attendees receive a suite of tools to enhance their meetings planning skills.

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