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Administrative Staff or Occasional Meeting Planners

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What Can We Do For You?

You've got lots of job responsibilities - you juggle multiple administrative functions and have a flair for organization. So, it's not surprising to find yourself tasked with planning the occasional off-site meeting for your organization. But, do you sometimes feel uncomfortable with the financial or legal risk inherent in venue contracting? Or, do you wish you knew more about event planning, group air, or hotel operations to avoid costly mistakes before they happen?

We Have a Solution

Our 2-Day Meeting Planner "Boot Camps" are intense, focused workshops that cover the key topics you need to know about  venue selection, contract negotiations, and basic meeting planning to avoid costly errors and deliver stellar meetings. In addition to experiential learning, you'll receive a full-suite of useful tools to help you at every stage of your event planning, like planning calendars, budget management tools, contract addendum and more.

Professional Meeting Planners or Travel Managers

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What Can We Do For You?

For the industry professional, the pressure can be unrelenting. Perhaps you're currently executing an event, or wrapping up a prior event, or planning multiple future meetings? Or, most likely, you're doing all three at once. Even the most experienced professional can occasionally need a helping hand from someone with your same level of professional acumen, experience and reliability; and the same dedication to delivering stellar results.

We Have a Solution

Tired of RFPs that are longer than your meeting? Our Online Meeting Planning tools let you to quickly enter the pertinent data needed to find you the perfect venue for your meeting. Then, once you've selected your venue, we finalize your contract, submit your the Banquet Event Orders, and provide all of your documentation - including a registration link - on your personalized web page!

Finance,Procurement, or Operations Management

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What Can We Do For You?

Have you ever been asked to rush a large deposit payment to a venue for a meeting or event without even seeing a contract, invoice or receipt? Or paid attrition or cancellation damages to a hotel because of a poorly negotiated event contract? Or do you just want to have more insight into your corporate or association's meeting budget management. 

We Have a Solution

Our consultants will perform a complete audit of your meetings and events processes and suggest systems and best practices that satisfy all key stakeholders -  making sure that those responsible for planning and executing events in your organization are working to the highest professional and ethical standards. We have simple, easy-to-use tools that ensure transparency at every stage of planning. 

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